Assess the sociological explanations of the

Behaviour that is compatible with cultural prospects is discussed to as gender-normative; behaviours that are observed as. Social class — position sorting in which individuals and groups are private on the base of esteem and respect learned mostly through economic success and accretion of wealth. Social class may also refer to any specific level in such a grading. Culture — Culture is the physiognomies and knowledge of a specific group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social ways, music and arts.

Assess the sociological explanations of the

Assess the sociological explanations of the

Read Item B Below and answer the question that follows. Item B; Punishment of offenders is seen by some sociologists as vital to maintaining social solidarity, by showing people the consequences of breaking the norms of society.

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Other sociologists see punishment as one way in which those in power are able to exert their authority. The forms of punishment will vary between different societies and may change over time. An example of a change is the move in some societies from public execution to life imprisonment for the punishment of murderers.

The punishment of offenders may also vary depending on the desired outcome of the punishment. Punishments may act as a deterrent or as a form of rehabilitation.

First, giving the victim, or the victims family indirect victims a sense of justice from the criminal justice system, and to maintain social solidarity, showing that crime is not tolerated and via this, most forms of deviance.

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Right Realists would argue that the system works as a form of deterrent and that with target hardening, the deterrence of prisons and other punishments will take precedence in the mind of a person considering their options, in accordance with the Rational Choice theory.

A person will weigh up cost versus gain, and if they believe that the gain outweighs the cost, they will commit an act of deviance. They also believe biological differences are responsible for crime and deviance through studies which show criminals to have a lower intelligence and to just be acting on instinct.

Marxists believe that the Bourgeoisie are continuously exploiting the working class and that they are only interested in profit of capital, because they own the means of production.Outline and assess sociological explanations of gender difference in patterns of crime.

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In this essay, I am going to assess the patterns of crime committed by males and females. Many general theories tend to neglect gender as a factor influencing criminality.

Dec 11,  · BETEC SUBSIDIARY DIPLOMA IN HEALTH AND Social CARE level 3 UNIT 7 sociological perspective M1 assess the bio-medical and socio-medical models of health.

D1Evaluate different sociological explanations for patterns and trends of health and illness in two different social groups.

However, when we assess the meanings of illness or death and dying, for example, we recognise that these essentially individual experiences cannot simply be denied or disregarded by social structures.

Theoretical explanations of Ethnic Inequalities Marxist Neo Marxist Functionalist Weberian explanation Weberian explanations differ from the marxist ones in suggesting that ethnic differences may be viewed as more important than economic differences in explaining inequality.

Assess the sociological explanations of the

Access sociological explanations - Sample Essay Women’s health has changed rapidly in the last century and the patterns of illness and access to health care have become clearer. What has become clear is that women, on average, are living longer than men, but their lives are not as healthy.

Assess sociological explanations of the role of the mass media in creating moral panics about crime and deviance: A moral panic is the process of arousing social concern over an issue, this is often an exaggerated over-reaction by society to a perceived problem, which .

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