Essay on being organized in college

A set of notes on the topic will be provided, and will include three bullet points. Candidates will be asked to select two of the bullet points and to base their essay on those two points.

Essay on being organized in college


February 6, I love being in college. And, though my room may not always show it, I also love being organized and productive. Here are my top 45 tips for staying organized in college!

Just read them over and see which ones fit you and your lifestyle.

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Above all, remember that caring for yourself is the most important. Having an organized life on the outside means nothing if you are not happy with yourself and your life. Otherwise, when the going gets tough, you will get sloppy. My advice is to make a list — yes, with real pen and paper — of why you want a clean, organized, and manageable life.

Tack it up somewhere where you will see it when you start to feel unmotivated. Using Planning to Stay Organized in College 2. Keep a planner, or a planner app. During the school year, I use my planner religiously to track my classes, assignments, and social plans.

It helps me stay focused and optimistic! You can check out the planner here. Use only one planner.

Essay on being organized in college

Just as important as using a planner is only keeping one. If you have both a paper planner and an app, or multiple planners, the odds are that something will eventually slip between the cracks when you forget to write down your plans in both.

Also, having more than one will take up a lot of your time. Keep it with you.

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During the school year, I always have my planner on-hand. Stick to your plans. That way, your planner is more than a helpful reminder of what you could have accomplished today: Plan at the beginning of every week or month. At the beginning of every new week, sit down and write in your activities, classes, and any reminders call Mom!

I learned this trick over at Organize My College Life. In your planner, use red pen to mark the day an assignment is due. Write it out in blue pen in the two days ahead; black for three to five days ahead; and green for six to nine days ahead. Doing laundry, taking out the trash, you name it.

Planning to do this every Sunday will keep your laundry from piling up on the floor, or your bin from overflowing. Syllabus Tips for Staying Organized in College 9. Save all your syllabi.

This is so important.

Essay on being organized in college

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45 Tips for Staying Organized in College - Sara Laughed

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Writing sample of essay on given topic "How To Become A Successful College Student" How To Become A Successful College Student (Essay/Paper Sample) March 13, by admin Essay Samples, Being organized ensures the planning of the most vital .

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Being Organized is the most important skill - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay The most important skill to have in college is the ability to be extremely organized.

College isn’t like high school where they would right your homework on the board and then remind you everyday until it is due that you have homework.

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