Formuleringer essay

Vedlegg Abstract The topic explored in this thesis is the role the Norwegian distance education institution, Globalskolen, plays for expats pupils' cultural identity. Globalskolen provides supplementary education for Norwegian pupils abroad, mainly focusing on Norwegian language and culture. The empirical data is based on qualitative interviews conducted via Skype and face- to- face with ten informants. The interviewed students and parents were based in three different countries in Europe and Latin America.

Formuleringer essay

This theory is a key starting point for hate speech amongst many rightwing extremists in Europe, but also has ramifications beyond these environments. In brief, proponents of the Eurabia theory claim that Muslims are occupying Europe and destroying Western culture, with the assistance of the EU and European governments.

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By contrast, members of Al-Qaeda and other extreme Islamists promote the conspiracy theory the Crusade in their hate speech directed against the West. Proponents of the latter theory argue that the West is leading a crusade to eradicate Islam and Muslims, a crusade that is similarly facilitated by their governments.

This article presents analyses of texts written by right-wing extremists and Muslim extremists in an effort to shed light on how hate speech promulgates conspiracy theories in order to spread hatred and intolerance.

The aim of the article is to contribute to a more thorough understanding of hate speech s nature by applying rhetorical analysis.

Rhetorical analysis is chosen because it offers a means of understanding the persuasive power of speech. It is thus a suitable tool to describe how hate speech works to convince and persuade.

The concepts from rhetorical theory used in this article are ethos, logos and pathos. The concept of ethos is used to pinpoint factors that contributed to Osama bin Laden's impact, namely factors that lent credibility to his promotion of the conspiracy theory of the Crusade.

In particular, Bin Laden projected common sense, good morals and good will towards his audience.

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"+_.D(e)+" Boynton, som har intervjuet alle disse ny-ny-journalistene sine i boken:

He seemed to have coherent and relevant arguments; he appeared to possess moral credibility; and his use of language demonstrated that he wanted the best for his audience.

The concept of pathos is used to define hate speech, since hate speech targets its audience's emotions.

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In hate speech it is the emotions that prevail, rather than reason. Sensational and dramatic claims are used to exploit existing feelings of anger, irritation and fear.

The speech is aimed at those who may be persuaded of its negative content, and who may spread the message further.

A distinct feature is its absence of logos: To the extent logos is used in hate speech it is for the most part only apparent logos. The speech is often based on falsehoods, exaggerations, stereotypes, over-generalisations, and startling formulations.

Hate speech therefore requires an uncritical audience an audience that is either unable to see through the fallacies, or unwilling to do so because the arguments and conclusions fit well with their worldview. The overall aim of the article is to contribute to a more thorough understanding of hate speech s nature and its role in disseminating conspiracy theories.

However, through analyses of text examples from al-qaeda s leader, Osama bin Laden, and right-wing European extremists the article also contributes to explaining the terror attack in Oslo in July and the terror attack on September 11,in New York and other similar acts of terror.

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Hatretorikkens intolerante innhold har sin opprinnelse i konspirasjonsteorier eller i fobier og anti-ismer, som homofobi, anti-feminisme, antisemittisme eller antisiganisme.

Hatretorikk forekommer imidlertid ikke bare blant ekstremister eller hos enkeltindivider med antisosial adferd. En del av hatretorikken i Anders Behring Breivik sitt manifest var kopiert fra ulike nettsider, og besto nettopp av slike sammensatte tekster Nilsen, a.

Hatretorikkens etos Al-Qaidas tidligere leder, Osama bin Laden, sitt etos var en viktig komponent i hans retoriske slagkraft. Tekstene impliserte at bin Laden og al-qaida var redningen for muslimene over hele verden, slik vi ser i diktet under, som han deklamerte i et intervju med al-jazeera i Ville du forlate oss omringet av vantroens ulver som spiser min vinge?

Hyllesten av bin Laden sier oss noe om hva det er ved bin Laden som huskes, hva det var som appellerte til hans ideologiske tilhengere. Og som andre ledere var bin Laden godt hjulpet frem av et medieselskap. Appellformen kjennetegnes av argumenter og resonnementer som viser hva som er sant og usant, eller sannsynlig og usannsynlig.

Not only are others not capable of creating what we do, most of them are not even capable of maintaining it. The one major exception would be Northeast Asians, the only other large group of people on this planet apart from Europeans capable of sustaining a technologically sophisticated society.

Formuleringer essay

If anybody replaces us as the world s leading civilization it will be them, for the simple reason that they are the only ones who possess a genetic intelligence to match ours, and they are not suicidal.

Bakgrunnen for Slaatta sin lesning av masteroppgaven er at han undret seg over at en som ikke ville eller kunne bruke saklig argumentasjon i den offentlige samtalen, hadde tatt en mastergrad ved Universitetet i Oslo.

Formuleringer essay

Slaatta gikk derfor igjennom oppgaven 2 Jensen, CEM. Customer experience management (CEM or CXM) is the collection of processes a company uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the customer lifecycle.

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy (Isaac Newton quote) Find this Pin and more on Advice - Communication by Marie Pedersen. I have no idea if this is actually a Sir Isaac Newton quote, but it is true none the less.

Jon Hoem - CV. Førsteamanuensis ved Institutt for kunstfag, Høgskolen på Vestlandet – Bergen. Underviser i og forsker på nye, digitale medier. Kvale beskriver at metoden medfører en forkortelse av informantenes uttalelser til kortere formuleringer.

Lange setninger komprimeres til kortere setninger hvor den umiddelbare mening i det som blir uttalt gjengis med få ord.

Ved meningsfortetting blir teksten redusert til kortere og mer konsise formuleringer . Spivaks essay, Can the subaltern speak?, hvor Thisted mener, at det er Ejersbos hensigt at åbne op Blixens ønske med Den afrikanske Farm var at udbrede ny viden og dermed revolutionere den for den subalternes stemme.

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