Juvenile probation

Press Release February 27, On any given day, nearly 53, youth are held in facilities away from home as a result of juvenile or criminal justice involvement. Nearly one in ten is held in an adult jail or prison. This report provides an introductory snapshot of what happens when justice-involved youth are held by the state: It offers a starting point for people new to the issue to consider the ways that the problems of the criminal justice system are mirrored in the juvenile system:

Juvenile probation

Such house or place shall be known as the Juvenile Hall of the County.

Juvenile probation

Alameda County Juvenile Hall is a hour secure detention facility capable of housing minors. Located on county property in San Leandro, CA, the facility is staffed by Juvenile Institutional Officers who supervise the minors and are responsible for their care, custody and control.

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Juvenile Hall is a temporary holding facility for minors awaiting court and is operated in accordance with the regulations set forth in the California Minimum Standards for Juvenile Facilities, Title Services include but are not limited to academic programming, medical and behavioral health care, organized recreation, religious and volunteer services and programming facilitated by a compliment of community-based organizations.

Services within the Juvenile Hall include: Behavioral Health Care Services also provides crisis intervention services, individual therapy, psychotropic medication evaluations and monitoring of youth on psychotropic medications.

Upon completion of their high school diploma or GED, youth have the opportunity to earn transferable college credits via online courses through a partnership with Merritt College.

Juvenile Justice Health Clinic: Children's Hospital and Research Center of Oakland operates a hour medical clinic to provide round the clock medical assessments, support and care to the youth.

Demographics and disparities among confined youth

In response to the growing numbers of minors booked into Alameda County's Juvenile Hall, the Probation Department instituted strategies to reduce the number of admissions. A comprehensive risk assessment was introduced to determine which young offenders were appropriate for detention and which could be safely managed without being locked up prior to and during their court proceedings.

Current detention alternatives include home supervision and use of Global Positioning Satellite GPS monitoring devices for minors released from Juvenile Hall during the adjudication process. Other programs offered to youth in custody: Write to Read Program: Local and renowned authors inspire youth to read, learn and change their lives.

County of El Paso Texas - Juvenile Probation Probation and Community Intervention works with youth from the time they are arrested to the time they transition back into the community. Overview Every youth under the age of 18 charged with a crime in Florida is referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The program provides relevant, informative, high-quality books, which are available for check out by the youth in classrooms and housing units. Partnership with Alameda County Library to maintain and operate the library services in the facilities as well as coordinate with nationally recognized authors to come present to the youth.

Supplemental educational services are offered through Sylvan Learning Center and Excel. Reading and Homework Hour: Volunteers from the community come in and help youth work on their reading skills with the goal of improving the young people's academic abilities and forging meaningful relationships between the youth at Juvenile Hall and responsible adults.

Mind Body Awareness Program: Mindful based techniques are taught through meditation and yoga to the detained youth.Welcome to the official website of Travis County, Texas.

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Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center Estela P. Medina, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer. General Juvenile Court Information. Juvenile Court: an Introduction for Kids and Families; Overview of the Juvenile Court A description of the types of cases the juvenile court handles.

Courts Criminal Juvenile Probation. The Bucks County Juvenile Court functions as bo th a judicial and an administrative agency primarily with respect to children under age 18, who are charged with juvenile delinquency for violating the criminal law..

As a judicial agency, the Court determines questions of fact and law based on evidentiary hearings. Texas Juvenile Probation Directory The Texas Juvenile Probation Directory contains the names and addresses of Texas juvenile probation professionals as reported to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department by the local juvenile probation departments.

The Harris Cou nty Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the protection of the public, utilizing intervention strategies that are community-based, family-oriented and least restrictive while emphasizing responsibility and accountability of both parent and child.

Juvenile Justice Probation Officers' Assn.

Juvenile Hall. Furlough Treatment and Rehabilitation Program. Pathways Academy. Juvenile Hall Visitation _____ James G. Bowles Juvenile Hall is operated 24 hours a day, days a year by the Kern County Probation Department as a secure detention facility for minors.

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