Tbb culture part eleven fashion and

Culture as the personality What is culture, really? I like to think of culture as the personality of an organization. As HR professionals and leaders, we need to prioritize culture and engagement, and figure out how to measure them and shape them in our workplaces.

Tbb culture part eleven fashion and

Welcome back to the podcast Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith and Culture. We're here with a friend today of Biola, a friend of Talbot, Brett Kunkle, you were a youth minister for 11 years, then you worked with Stand to Reason for 14 years.

You have a passion for young people, but also worldview and apologetics.

Tbb culture part eleven fashion and

Yet you just launched this new unique ministry with a vision, and it's called Maven. Tell us first off, what does that mean and what's the idea behind it?

That's the number one question we get. It's actually a word that means, it refers to someone who is knowledgeable and passes that knowledge on. For instance, you might have a finance maven, or a fashion maven.

For us, that's really what we wanna be for young people. We wanna take the knowledge of the truth--the truth of Christianity--and pass it on to young people. That's what we want them to become. We want them to become mavens, who know the truth of Christ and pass it on.

And then we wanna help equip parents, youth leaders, pastors, Christian educators to do the same with the young people that they work with.

That's what the name means. We are a youth focused ministry.

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Our primary target audience is junior high, high school, college. Secondarily it's pastors and leaders; we want to come alongside them. For us this is an opportunity to repackage the truth if you will. We're dealing with a different kind of kid nowaday.

We're dealing with a kid who is media saturated, image based, they feel not necessarily think a lot. So how do we reach that kind of kid? And we wanna be an entry point. We know they need good theology and worldview and apologetics.

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How do you reach that kid though? So that's what we wanna do. Talk to me about a couple of the practical things you're doing because you've inspired me to do this in my own teaching and work with students, I think it's really fresh and I would love to see the church jump on and really have this explode for the sake of students.

Talk about maybe like one or two of the unique things that you have been doing and will be doing in Maven. This is not unique in and of itself that we're gonna provide virtual tools. We're gonna do online videos and resources and seminars, but we're gonna pay very close attention to how we package it, and how we design it.

So for instance, I was just at a recent youth conference and a video was played for these students, you know junior highers, high schoolers are there.

A video is played and I'm watching the video, and I'm thinking, I think I know youth well enough to say, this video is not hitting them. So afterwards, I'm talking to a couple of the students. Sure enough the students said, "Did you see that video?Part 6: Profile of Sustainability - how the technological ability known is only as good as the Values of the Culture.

Part 7: Structural Classicism - and the end of the Dark Ages. A review of the convert extension of racism into the class structure and how it is perceived as "normal" by the conditioned public.

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