Write a letter to university president

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Write a letter to university president

This course was not taught by or affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, however as future physicians we felt a duty to respond to the issues raised by write a letter to university president course.

We believe that the report neither adequately confronted the concerns of the academic community, nor accounted for the current tenor of the public conversation about vaccination.

While we understand the importance of academic freedom, we must also ensure that students receive a high quality education that is reflective of expertise of a lecturer on the subject matter. One of our concerns is that the instructor for this course lacked the scientific expertise to teach and develop a health-related course, especially without significant oversight from faculty members with training in the topics addressed in this course, such as vaccination.

The overwhelming scientific consensus, supported by mountains of robust evidence, concludes that vaccines are safe, effective, and save lives. Suggesting that anti-vaccine views are a part of a balanced approach to the science is to perpetuate a manufactured controversy; it serves to suggest to patients, and the public at large, that a scientific debate is ongoing, when in reality no such controversy actually exists within the institutions of science and medicine.

As future physicians, we recognize that Complementary and Alternative Medicine is important to many Canadians. However, when certain practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine choose to spread false or inaccurate information to their patients, this undermines the scientific method and practice of evidence-based medicine, and could have severe negative consequences for patients.

We echo concerns that members of the academic community have previously raised about the quality of teaching in the aforementioned course. We do not believe that the report submitted by Dr.

Vivek Goel adequately addresses our concerns, and feel that it is impossible for the academic community at large to learn from this controversy without a more thorough investigation. We therefore request a thorough, independent investigation into the entirety of the course, as well as the institutional culture that potentially fostered shortcomings to high quality education.

This should be done with representatives from the biomedical sciences to address questions of scientific accuracy. This investigation should focus on and specifically detail claims made by the lecturer referring to vaccination, homeopathy, and quantum physics.

The results of this investigation should be made directly available to the public, and be sent to all current or former students who took the course.

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We further request a detailed plan for the steps that will be taken to review the course for the future, and steps that will be taken to make this review available to the public. Given the public interest in this issue, it is important that the university remains clear about the value of vaccines, the erroneous link that some have drawn between vaccination and autism, and that homeopathy is not a viable alternative for medical vaccination.

write a letter to university president

Additionally, we feel that it is not enough that only the health science departments have accurate and robust scientific review — as physicians, we will be treating and discussing medical concepts with people from a variety of educational backgrounds, including those that may have no exposure to the health science disciplines.

In order to better inform the public about health topics, so that they can make well-informed choices, standards to ensure the validity of scientific claims made in all courses in the university — not just those within scientific faculties — should be developed. This is not meant to stifle new and upcoming research or creative thought.

Rather, it is meant to support it, such that there is clear understanding of all the evidence currently available, allowing us to progress with reasonable debate and research with the same supporting knowledge.

The University of Toronto is known worldwide for the scientific achievements of its faculty and researchers, and has been producing world-class students for nearly two centuries. The generations of physicians and researchers produced by this university have helped to revolutionize the practice of medicine in Canada and across the world, thanks to discoveries made using the proven and established scientific method.

This will ensure that there is proper oversight of the methods in which health-related courses, in all faculties, and all campuses of the university are taught, and that the material is presented in a manner that is reflective of quality scientific evidence. Thank you for taking time to address our concerns.Sample Letter of Resignation Letter> Dr.

John D. Welty. President. California State University, Fresno. Dear Dr. Welty, I am writing to inform you that I am resigning my position as in effective. Sample letters from Chancellor/President. The ideal letter or statement from the head of the university serves several functions: It alerts the students and other community members of the university’s initiative with regard to drinking problems;.

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write a letter to university president

My standard protocol is to write the letter as though I were going to mail it. I use MS Word to write my letter. I then copy the contents on my letter into my e-mail. I also include my letter as an attachment. Some people think the formatting is .

Regarding proposals to pay a lower salary to the next president of the University of Minnesota (“Can U get new president for a bargain?” Oct. 8, and Readers Write, Oct. 9): Hire a woman. Thank You Letters Send a thank you letter after every interview, and send one to each person who interviewed you.

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