Write a memo of no smoking inside the workplace

The code of conduct provides guidance on issues including: The behavior of bargaining unit employees are covered by individual codes of contact that vary by bargaining unit.

Write a memo of no smoking inside the workplace

Reporter jjmccorvey Despite their overwhelming presence in today's society, cell phones perpetually straddle the line between modern convenience and disruptive nuisance.

The phone calls, text messages, pictures and other data relayed to family members, friends, doctors, or even co-workers while on the job are the source of many interrupted business meetings or disgruntled employees, which is why creating a cell phone policy is key to preserving the literal peace of your workplace environment.

As a business owner, it's crucial to develop guidelines that can curb the boundless problems that excessive or inappropriate cell phone use can create for your company. The following guide will aid you in crafting effective language for your cell phone policy, as well as provide tips on enforcing it.

Who to Consult When Crafting a Unique Policy To craft a policy that works specifically for your company, make sure you have the right entities involved in stitching together your policy.

Managers and human resource representatives should be at the forefront of the effort, of course, but since mobile devices grow more and more technically complicated — especially if wired to your company's e-mail server — don't forget to bring in your IT staff.

It's also wise to consult your lawyers, Flynn suggests.

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Once you've pulled together the members of your team, here are a few questions to ask: Why exactly do you feel you need a cell phone policy?

Is your office environment too noisy? Do you sometimes glance over and catch an employee texting when on a tight work deadline?

Acknowledging these issues before you get started will help realize what you need to tackle when you start writing. You should tailor your policy in accordance with the nature of your industry, suggests Flynn. Take time to assess the daily tasks of your employees.

If you run a public relations firm, for example, where there's likely a necessity for constant communication, your policy might be more lenient. A company that involves construction or hazardous situations?

This is a vital question for IT, as they may need to install company-specific apps and software on employees' phones, or set up various e-mail or calling functions. General Cell Phone Etiquette While the guidelines in your cell phone policy should be specific to the needs of your company, there as some basic rules of phone etiquette you should include.

Many of these rules might seem to be common courtesy — or common sense — but explicitly explaining what you expect is the best way to get the results you want. These rules should be upheld on all devices, whether personally- or company-owned: When working in a professional atmosphere, the vibrate function should be a default.

No one likes a loud ringer — especially when left unanswered. Instruct employees to step out to take calls or send texts when business meetings, conferences, or brainstorming sessions are being held.

You may even ask employees to leave phones at their desks altogether. According to a survey of 1, adults by the Pew Research Center, 24 percent of them said they felt obligated to take a call — even if it interrupted an important meeting.

Voicemail, however, can be just as efficient in communicating with others outside of work. Stress this in your policy. There are few things more annoying than a loud phone conversation, and that rings doubly true when people are trying to get work done.

write a memo of no smoking inside the workplace

Clearly explain to employees to keep a low voice if they must answer their cell phones, or find a quiet area to talk.This smoke free workplace policy guarantees that employees and customers will not be subjected to second hand smoke in the workplace. See the policy.

The Balance Careers Smoke Free Workplace Policy for Your Company. Smoke Free Workplace Policy for Your Company No Smoking. Share. A business letter is shown in Figure Writing letters and formatting are discussed in Section Figure A letter is a formal document sent to persons inside or outside the organization.

Key Point A personal business letter is written by an individual rather a problem with your work. A memo from your supervisor might direct you. Your employees are best notified of substantial changes in policy, such as a ban on workplace smoking, via memo.

write a memo of no smoking inside the workplace

However, some workers may react negatively to a smoking ban, so it is critical to write your memo with the needs of all workers in mind so that your business continues to run smoothly. Need a sample “no cell phone” policy at work.

They can use the cell phones on their break, but not inside the facility. Too many of our employees are using their cell phones while on work hours.

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As an employer, can I write policy that forbids personal cell phones in the work place, and if caught can I . 15+ Audit Memo Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download As an auditor may it be inside the company or from outside, the audit memo template can give them the guide of what are the objectives and guidelines in making the audit process.

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